Sameem Financial undertakes the first activist investment in the MENA

Company’s Overview

  • Prime Holding is a fully fledged investment banking firm operating in Egypt offering a wide array of services namely; Securities Brokerage, Research, Custody, Investment Banking & Asset Management.
  • The Company was founded in 1992 as a privatization consulting office to the government of Egypt under law number 159 for year 1981 and its executive regulations.
  • The Company holds all regulatory licenses from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) and listed on the EGX since April 2008.
  • Sameem currently holds 18,937,013 shares representing 26% of the Company’s share capital, where it acquired this stake over the period from November 9th, 2016 to May 18th, 2017.

Share Price Performance

Engagement with Target

  • We have communicated our concerns and views to management and presented our strategic business plan to enhance shareholders’ value during the Target’s AGM meeting in March 2017

  • Sameem announced its strategic business plan to the market participants in May 2017 upon accumulating a 25% block in the company

  • We have communicated our demands that include restructuring the existing board of directors and executive management of the company to drive change and enhance valuation.

Market Data

52 Weeks (High-Low) EGP 5.2-1.98
Mkt price per share (EGP) 31/10/2017 4.75
No. of shares (mn.) 72.83
Mkt. Cap 345.96
Equity Book Value (BV) 404.59
Cash & cash equivalents 198.92
Enterprise Value (EV) 147.04
Revenue (LTM) 39.89
EPS (TTM) (EGP) 0.36
Book Value Per Share (BVPS) (EGP) 5.55
PE (times) 13.22
PBV (times) 0.86

Our Value Creation Plan




Acquiring other financial services firms that complements the Target.

Expanding the Target’s existing business & launching new investment management products




Applying best practice & implementing effective internal control system.

Aligning management & shareholders interests via leveraging performance towards predefined benchmarks


Capital Increase

Institutionalize Shareholder Base

Funding acquisitions, seeding private equity & real estate funds &managing proprietary trading portfolio

Fostering more stability in the shareholders’ structure & ensuring smart money involvement