We proactively identify investment opportunities in Egyptian listed companies in which activism can unlock value and lead the efforts, sometimes in coordination with other shareholders, to effectuate the required change(s).

The Firm employs a rigorous, due diligence focused investment approach with a strong emphasis on downside protection that capitalizes on its deep industry knowledge and analytical capabilities.


After target identification, we build a significant minority shareholding that gives us sufficient influence and allows us to initiate our campaign privately by communicating our strategic blueprint to the target company’s management.

This is followed by a potential escalation process that starts with publicly disclosing our campaign, lobbying with other stakeholders that include shareholders, regulators as well as various market participants, and could ultimately lead to the most hostile option of proxy fights.


Our  typical investment targets are companies that have amongst other things consistently underperformed relative to peers or to the broader market or have vulnerabilities in capital structure, distribution policy, governance, corporate structure, M&A track record and business strategy.

We hold a focused investment portfolio with limited number of companies, as compared to other passive investment managers, to allow us to closely monitor and analyze, as well as regularly engage and guide our portfolio of companies.