We invest in Egypt…

Sameem acquires significant minority stakes in undervalued shares of companies traded on the Egyptian Exchange and acts as a catalyst to unlock the companies’ shareholders’ value.

Sameem is a distinct value investor, who proactively identifies investment opportunities, in which active ownership can unlock value, and drive change in the target company, as opposed to conventional value investors, who remain passive and wait for a predefined value appreciating event to occur to realize the appreciation in value.

The firm employs a rigorous, due diligence-focused investment process with a strong emphasis on downside protection that capitalizes on its deep industry knowledge, local expertise and execution capabilities. Our investment strategy entails holding a focused portfolio with limited number of companies to allow us to closely monitor and analyze, as well as regularly engage with our portfolio companies.

Sameem actively exercises its ownership rights to direct its portfolio companies to undergo any significant changes required in leadership, strategy, corporate governance, operational management and financial structure that result in an imminent share price appreciation within a 12 – 24 months time horizon.